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Our Story

The balance is HER. In 2012 I was diagnosed with 4th stage Lupus and end stage Kidney failure. I went into a series of the most difficult events of my life. Traditional non-natural solutions were not working. I took matters into my own hands as I started to heal myself with homemade potions, herbs and nutrition. I lost all my hair in chemotherapy, created a herbal miracle potion, and grew it back 10x stronger and longer in record time (it’s available too!). My family has been into herbal dietsnutrition, and holistic healing for 4 generations. I also come from a rich family line of teachers and healers and master gardeners, sI have diverse understanding of natural products. started HerBalance because of that understanding and from the influence of my family and the ancestors who came before me. The rich matriarchal legacy continues with me, and I plan to teach as many people as possible with my natural gifts and talents. It is my desire to help women with natural and holistic beauty, wellness and healing productsIt’s not just about external beauty, but also about healing and wellnessIt’s about taking care of ourselves, loving ourselves and healing ourselves from the inside out! Learning how to restore the balance within and learning how to embrace our natural selves. Everything that we create is handmade and custom blendedALL NATURAL, ORGANIC and HOLISTIC. We work with organic farms locally to pick, grow, and resource from around the world with awesome distributors, many of which are from Africa. We hope to continue to encourage women to live authentically and balanced in their natural beauty. HerBalance is about restoring that balanceThank you for joining us on this journey.

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