MORINGA single reg sized SOAPS square




Miracle Moringa NATURAL and ORGANIC SOAP: Used for bathing and showering. A great way to pamper and heal, Rich in moisture and smells amazing. All soaps made with the healing agent miracle moringa. GUY MAN DUDE HUBBY SON FATHER NEPHEW UNCLE ALERT! Great for the MEN in your life STOP leaving them out!! This is our HONEY, CITRUS ORANGE, BERGAMOT and MORINGA blend! Off da chain literally our #1 BEST seller! Look at all the healing herbs! This Moringa Soap is  ALL NATURAL AND ORGANIC and can be customized for anyone. Lathers, smells awesome, moisturizes with the Miracle healing agent fresh Moringa from our organic garden! The healing agent Moringa is great for all skin types and will aid in healing skin conditions. Check out our social media pages for more. If you have more in depth questions please contact us. 


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